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*pokes head in*

i'm going to put up cynbel! seeing him being written from another person would be purely exciting.

cynbel used to be an alpha of a pack in a far away land. he lost his original mate, ygraine, due to a bad pregnancy. he blamed nimueh for it, who was his right hand at the time and the one who advised him. he exiled her and banished her from his lands.

he is an ashy grey in color, darker colors brushing through his thick fur. his eyes are the color of the sun, golden orbs. he's a timber wolf mixed with a gray wolf. handsome.

cyn is a ass. he usually is flirtatious and he's very charming. he knows how to play his words and how to make most wolves feel safe around him.

please do not post at the current threads with him, make your own! put [CS] in your title so i can read it!


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