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*plops beeb in the spotlight*

I'm throwing in my girl Motionless!

She has a troubled past, between an abusive relationship and now losing her home to vampires. She has been raped, tormented, abused in every way possible and even almost killed by her old lover Morrissey. She then killed him when he tried to find her in Blossom. She then went out of her way to hide the body.

Once she was almost completely ready to give up did she find a friend who gave her the will to live - Drizzt. He was a pup at the time but wanted her to keep going. She decided on the way to return him to his father that she was going to take Malignant - Now Caidir. Her friendship remained strong with Drizzt, she asked him to be her Beta.

However, she's now fleeing to Dierne Hrof with any who follow her even after she fled from her crown - Knowing well enough Drizzt would fight till the death if she hadn't had gone with.

She's an all white, muscular wolf with yellow eyes rimmed in blood red.

Please don't post to any already started posts, if wanted you can post her to Dierne to meet with Aindreas. Get her friends, love, whatever. Just have fun with my baby. <3

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