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*swoops in*

I'd love one, if you have the spare time! If not, it's no problem at all! <3

Name: Anastasia
Appearance: Small and fluffy Eurasian wolf with slightly more russet in her coat. I'll link some pictures of wolves with similar coats down below for you. You don't have to use them, of course, but it's just to give you the idea! <3 Her eyes are a rich steel gray.

I'm not really sure on a background for her, so just do whatever you think! If it helps, here's a short and simple version of her personality and history.

In Anastasia's pack, she was discriminated against for being smaller than the rest of the members. They would beat her to the point of death and then allow her time to heal, just so that they could do it over again. Friends and family also participated in these attacks. One day, she fought back as hard as she could before she fled. Because of these events, she is very suspicious and untrusting of others. In order to truly be accepted, she feels like she must constantly prove her worth. She is actively trying to heal and work on her bitterness.

Anastasia is kind of standoffish to strangers, and occasionally has a timid approach. She has a quick and fiery temper when someone messes with her, and she is fiercely loyal to her friends and pack.

1) http://dawnthieves.de/component/search/?searchword=ronja|0olderdissen|02012&start=100

2) http://dawnthieves.de/component/search/?searchword=rieke+olderdissen+newbees



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