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[complete; M] got a head full of spiders

MATURE: Post contains some minor swearing. :3

picture by Head Like An Orange at Giphy.com
I'm joining this character a bit early but she won't get out of my head and I needed a muse spark. Just if anyone's curious! :)

  • Ordinary Familiar
  • Lorraine's Suitcase [update posted here]
  • Super Speed [update linked above].

Player: Fennic
Name: Creature
Alias: Quiet
Age: Unknown (Adult)
Sex & Gender: Cisgender Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Light Blue (L); Light Gray (R)
Skin Tone: Type II
Wing Appearance: Microraptor Wings (black, opalescent dark blue & white)
Familiar: Cyrsis (female gray-banded kingsnake)
  • Minor Synesthesia (Grapheme-Color; Lexical-Gustatory)
Partially complete full profile

Sample Post:

Jordan ran one shaking hand over his wrinkled forehead, his fingers leaving a trail of dark ink in their wake, and heaved a heavy sigh as he surveyed the disaster his desk had become. Crea had pulled one of her "pranks" again and rigged his inkwell to explode the second he sat down on his chair. The explosion itself had been quite minor, just enough to crack the glass without sending any shards flying - Crea had long since outgrown her attempts to murder him on a daily basis - but it had made a significant mess and there had been a rather terrible sound; most people in their department were used to such things now, though, and no one had even bothered to come investigate. Normally Jordan took greater care when leaving his office for any length of time as Crea seemed to have the ability to smell when he'd left the building and his poor desk had been made defenseless, but he'd been in a bit of a hurry to meet with his higher-ups in the cafeteria and had hoped the new, complex door lock would be enough to at least discourage her. The open window now blowing ink-stained documents all over his normally immaculate office seemed to indicate otherwise, and he cursed his ineptitude. The child climbed up and down the exterior of the building like a monkey, had he really thought being three stories up would keep him safe? He rested his head in his hands, trying to ease the throbbing headache banging away at his skull.

A timid knock on the door drew his attention from the disaster of a room to the door. He heaved a heavy sigh. The work never stopped, did it?

"Enter," he barked, his tone unintentionally sharp.

A young intern peered into the room with wide eyes, her pale pink tongue sliding over her lips nervously. She gaped at the disarray, but at least had the decency not to pry.

"U-um," she said anxiously, tangling her fingers together in front of her. "The..." she stepped further into his office, dropping her voice. "The Kelson Corporation is here."

Jordan blinked at her repeatedly, trying to get his aching brain to catch up with what was happening. "Did they have a meeting scheduled with me today?" he pulled his planner out of his desk and flipped around a bit, blushing furiously as he noticed some rather crude drawings scattered throughout. Covering up a rather detailed drawing of a part of the male anatomy with his hand, he squinted at the date. Finding it blank except for the lunch meeting he'd already attended, he frowned at the intern in concern. "I don't have anything listed?"

"N-no, sir, they're here to see Miss Quiet."

Jordan glowered at her. "Then why in the world are you bothering me with it? Can't you see I have things to-" At a loss for words he gestured wildly at his destroyed office, making the intern go pink with dismay.

"Yes, of course, sir. It's just... I can't seem to get Miss Quiet on the line. They've been waiting for five minutes already."

The wind abruptly changed, ushering a number of his ink-ruined papers out of the window and into the pond below, and Jordan let out a string of curses that would have made his poor saint of a mother weep bitterly. He popped to his feet.

"GET SOMEONE TO CLEAN THIS UP," he barked, pushing past the intern to storm down the hall. A few heads raised curiously from their cubicles and quickly ducked back down, clearly having no desire to tangle with Jordan at the moment. He slammed into Creature's small corner office with all the grace and control of a charging bull elephant, feeling his blood pressure spike when he found it empty.

"CREATURE!" he snarled, going still as he listened hard for a second. "DAMNIT CREATURE, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you had better get your ass behind that desk. We have a very valuable client and-"

He whirled around at a twitch of movement in his peripheral vision, glowering at Crea's pet snake as if she were personally responsible for her mistress' absence; Cyrsis lazily raised her head, staring at him with a bored expression. He was glad he'd noticed her this time; the snake had bitten him more times than he could count since Crea had "rescued" it, particularly since it had the habit of hiding somewhere on or around Crea and just waiting for some poor unsuspecting fool to stand just a tad too close to her for its liking. He took a long, slow, calming breath before he stormed back out into the hall. Crea never went far without Cyrsis, which meant she had to be hiding somewhere in the office. Rather than tearing the place apart looking for her, he'd just have to lure her out. He snatched a bag of potato chips off the nearest trolley of snacks and stormed back into the room. He tossed the pack onto the desk, and waited. And waited. Two minutes passed before he snarled, pretending to leave the room and slamming the door shut. One small, pale hand slowly reached up from beneath the desk, then quickly snatched the bag and yanked it back into the darkness.

Crinkle crinkle crinkle POP! crunchcrunchcrunch.

Jordan dashed around the desk, grabbed one slim ankle, and yanked out his wayward employee from beneath her desk. Crea made no complaint, still gobbling up her snack. She tipped the bag upwards, draining the last crumbs, and then licked the salt off of each of her fingers while Jordan let free a rather loud and impressive rant.


"Nope," Crea said with disinterest, already crawling back towards the dark, cozy space beneath her desk.

"You are going to-"

"Don't wanna."


"Yelling at employees is bad management."

Jordan sputtered. "Not doing your job makes you a bad employee!"

"I'm an excellent employee. I've killed every target."

"Except one!"

"She didn't deserve it, it doesn't count."

Jordan threw his hands up in the air, feeling his head throb painfully as Crea disappeared beneath her desk, rearranging her office chair so it blocked the space. A few seconds later a soft snore began to rise from the dark space.

"THAT IS IT! You're going to Shaman, and you're not coming back until you get your act together!"

The snoring stopped. One light eye peered out from the darkness.

"Okay," Crea said, as if he'd just offered her a vacation rather than a temporary exile.

Jordan growled, stepping towards Crea, but was brought up short by a sharp sting - like a thin needle pressing into the webbing between his pointer and thumb. Cyrsis wrapped her long, lean body around him, her jaws clenched tight on his hand. Muttering about horrible employees and their horrible snakes, he trotted over to the sink and flipped on the cold water with the ease of long practice. Cyrsis stared up at him with a stern expression while Crea's snores began anew.



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