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i will burn f i r s t

name ; damianos
age ; adult
gender ; male
breed ; dire x timber
appearance ; large in size, around 130lbs. all muscle, pure strength. his long and thick fur provides some protection against bites, but he just tends to think it does. his fur is a maple color, streaks of black and white running through it. his eyes are a sharp green in color.
personality; very withdrawn from most, doesn't quite fit in. he loves the taste of blood. he's perfectly sane, just has a different taste than most. he doesn't make friends, only enemies. he no longer trusts anyone, doesn't let anyone get close to him.
history; he's been through a lot of abuse, from his father, from his mother, from his oldest sibling. they ended up casting him out.
ooc ; delaria

  • Accepted!! -

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