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and nothing else matters

male - 0 years - of vladimir and seraphina

Name: Briathos
Age: Unborn
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Parents: Seraphina x Vladimir
Siblings: A stillborn sister. Two sisters, Qiturah (Azura) and Ziva (Livia)
S.O.: none
Pups: N/A
Best friend: none yet
Enemy: Vampires
Rank: unranked
Species: Grey x Ethiopian
Description: His coat is mainly russet color with grey agouti undertones. He has bright green eyes with flecks of blue throughout the irises. He has average length fur. As Bria grows older he will be built more like his father, though he will not pass him in size.
Special effects/mutations: haeld
Special mark/scars: None
Personality: Noble, strong willed, and intelligent; but not unfeeling. Compassionate and loyal.
Favorite food: milk
Favorite plant: None yet
Bond: None yet
OOC: Archery

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
html by dante

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