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Never Lose Your Flames

I Hope You Make Peace With Your Pain

Name: Ash
Age: Unborn
Gender: Female
Parents: Artemis x Justice
Siblings: 3 ~
Significant other: None
Pups: Too young
Best friend: None
Enemy: None
Rank: ~
Species: Mackenzie Valley x Himalayan x Arctic
Description: Takes after her mother. She will be a small, delicate thing like Artemis, petite even as an adult. Her fluffy coat is her mother's snowflake white except on her face - where freckling and paint-spatters of various brown shades give her a mottled mask that extends over her brow, behind her ears, and down her whole muzzle. Two splashes of dark coffee smudge her eyes, so that their brilliant violet hue stands out even more.
Special Effects/Mutations: ~
Special Marks/Scars: ~
Personality: Ash is very bubbly and kind, she sees the good in everyone and believes in anyone. She feels everyone is destined for greatness and loves to boast confidence. She is a great believer in love at first sight and will cling to whomever she finds herself falling for for a good time. Though she is greatly opinionative, she is also a fiery spirit.
Biography: Ash will grow to become a go-to for anyone feeling down or upset.
To be continued . . .
Favorite Food: Duck
Favorite Plant: Orchids
OOC: Metalhead
RP/Plot Availability: Anything and everything!!

And Never Lose Your Flames!

||Ash||Daughter of Justice and Artemis||Home||Pup||Child of the Purple Flames||Metalhead||

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