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Name: Amity
Age: Unborn
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undetermined
Parents: Justice x Artemis
Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister
Species: (Mackenzie Valley wolf x Himalayan Wolf) x (Artic)
Description: Takes after her father. This girl is a sumptuous dark chocolate beauty. Taller than her fairy-like sister, this lass boasts the long limbs of a supermodel with the lean muscle of an athlete. She inherited her father's deep brown base coat with a splash of cream lightening her underside, a pallid streak that spills down the lower half of her face, her chest, her belly, and her tail. She had four white stockings that extend up to her elbows on her forelimbs and up to her knees on her hind limbs. Like her father, this girl has been speckled with cream and white - but these speckles are concentrated on her flanks and nowhere else. Her eyes are her mother's vibrant blue with flecks of her father's amber.
Special Effects/Mutations: None.
Special Marks/Scars: None.
Personality: Amity is one that is very unsure of herself, she relies on fact and anything she can see with her own eyes. She loves to understand and gain knowledge of everything she can, making her intelligent and very “book smart”, but sometimes she can be slow with interpersonal skills and situations. In order to avoid this she usually remains quiet.
Biography: She is product of two lovers, both intoxicated on drugs.
OOC: Alesana

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