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you are my sunrise in the darkest times

Name: Sako
Nickname: Sa
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Appearance: This female has a base coat of white but it looks as if she has rolled in soot as grey flecks appear about her body while black and different browns brindle her body just enough to be noticed, making her bodice consist of white, grey, black and brown. Her tail is untouched by these colors, mostly, her tail is pure white with from nearly the middle of it to the end being black. Her ears are tipped black and her face is a variety of white, black and brown. She has a dorsal of black and brown white grey speckles and the rest of her body is pure white with grey speckles. Her eyes are a very light blue nearly white color with a black rimming the outside of them
Personality: She's pretty headstrong, believing in herself and being sort of a jerk to others. Preferring to live alone and without any friends. She hates most of everyone but those she does like, she tolerates being around them.
Breed: Himalayan
History: Not thought of yet
OOC: Liberty


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