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I just want to be Jekyll, but I'm always ******* Hyde

☠If I wasn’t so deranged, could I ever face the pain?☠

Young Adult, just turning 3 winters
Male but is Genderfluid, due to his split personality, one is female the other is male.
He's forgotten them
Significant other:
None, but please entertain the monster, you may fall for him
Best friend:
None (Maybe eventually Draven)
Lone Wolf
Mackenzie River Valley
Starting at his fluffy paws the front two are white and the legs stretch up, though broken white patches turn into beautiful black onyx harlequin spots, this white and black serenade continues up his body until you get mid way to his back and then his base coat changes drastically changes to the onyx to match his markings, though the harlequin markings continued onto these black markings, but alas hey chance to the ivory white to match his front base coat. On his face, it’s also split in two on the left half is ivory white with a black spot over his eye, the right side is onyx black with a white spot over his other eye. His eyes are a beautiful mix of soft blue and caramel brown
Special Effects/Mutations:
Special Marks/Scars:
His scars are on his mind
Male personality
Costin tends to be more flirty and kind. He’s somewhat gentle, but can also sound completely psychotic when he speaks. His words sometimes may come out like the mad hatter, but that doesn’t stop him from laughing and continuing to talk about that ever was on that train of thought. His eyes are usually calm and gentle to match his personality. He does tend to get shy if he actually finds a creature attractive, but that’s only if he likes their personality not their looks.
Female personality
She’s more rude and violent, when her personality takes over she likes to attack others and drink their blood, she can’t stand water and the feel of others blood makes her feel alive with power. She likes to play with her victims and if they let her she’ll make them bleed enough to roll around in pools of blood. She’ll kill creatures just to do that. When her personality is taking over the male’s voice drops and becomes sickly sweet.
Costin’s mother had all her pups be stillborn except for him. His mother cried and cried as she beat him, telling him he was a girl. He did whatever she asked as long as it kept her from beating him. She went insane with the need for him to be a girl, going so far as to bite and maul at his male parts and attempt to rip them off his body. As he grew she just ignored his male parts all together by clawing her own eyes out, he watched as his mother bleed to death and then his mind snapped, the female personality coming forward so she could protect the fragile male, though this female was blood thirsty and reviled in the blood of the male’s mother.
He couldn’t keep the female in his mind, whenever he tried to make a friend the female would surface and quiet literally rip their throats out, she enjoyed lapping up the blood as it pooled from their body. The male finally snapped after so much horror went through his mind. He just wanted to be normal, but now normal was a sadistically sweet dream he never wanted to have. He’s purposely flirt with creatures, luring them to close to him so that the female would surface and destroy the lives these creatures thought they would have. The Alpha from his mother’s pack heard tales of the yin and yang wolf, his fears came to pass when the little devil thought it would flirt it’s way to the Alpha’s death. Fortunately for the alpha he wasn’t swayed by the pups charms and chased him, the pup ran until it’s legs landed in blossom, magik rippling around him and it licked at his fur like a lover, apparently the psycho could feel this was where he needed to be.
Favorite Food:
Canis Lupus blood
Favorite Plant:
Theme Song: Five Finger Death Punch ~ Jekyll and Hyde
OOC: Rini
RP/Plot Availability:
More open than a thirsty wolf’s legs

☠I wear a smile on my face, but there is a demon inside.☠

♊Gemini ♊ Split Personality ♊ Gender Fluid ♊ Completely insane ♊ This beast belongs to None♊ ___ words ♊

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