Re(1): Cat not using litterbox

have you recently changed litter on him/her if so you might need to change back or use the one used when your cat was a kitten, Is he or she meowing when the urinate because that could be the sign of an infection, Also make sure your cleaning it offten some cats are verry picky about how clean their litter is, have you moved the letterbox or has the area changed recently these things could also be the issue I would take him/her to the vet to be checked out because at 14 he/she is getting older and Could have a health problem that needs addressed, Sorry I know I'm not Dear tabby but I've read some of her advice i believe she also has a tab called Litter-box issues you might check Hope this helps in some way and Tabby if your reading this were getting a bit worried about you All the Best Mommy AM.

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