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Re(2): at 50 has anyone done this?

Almost 55 now, been doing this for the last 5 years. ! heavy "lower body" day, alternating squat & dlift movements (using hibox, low box, SSB, lightened, various foot placements. Various ranges on DL from 4" deficit to 4" off floor, sometimes with chains, sometimes conventional/sometimes sumo. We always follow the primary movement with a light movement of the other lift. Example: 5 X 5 narrow stance low box squat followed by 2 sets of 10 stiff legs. SSB squats 5 X 3 followed by sumo off 2" blocks for time (60 seconds).
What used to be dynamic or speed day is now mobility/restoration/prehab/rehab day. Long dynamic warmup (20-30 min) followed by tissue work, hip mobility, balance work (wobble board, single leg DB DL, maybe lunges). Finish with something fast twitch like agility ladder, shuttle sprints (15 yards or so X 10), running with a sled and then some static stretching at the end. This day is done in a circuit manner and takes an hour give or take.
I was forced to adjust my training due to chronic degenerative changes first in right hip, then left hip, and now both knees.


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