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Re(2): If You Want To Get High

If You Want To Get Down A Bit.... The Half-Imaginary/Half-True Scenario That Nobody Will Ever Buy...........

Sooner or later, I knew we would make contact again. I felt it coming, around 2013. An appointment. I took her advice to heart... Sha had said:
--- If you refuse to talk to me, I will ant your room.
An offer I couldn't refuse.
As usual, she was late. Just some hours.
And just when I was about to neglect her on(ce)e more, here she comes.

--- You've been drinking. I said. And you'd better be inspired. Hummm... Welcome to la maison.
--- Yes, I did. I'm drunk. On Stella Artois. Why? Why not. By the way, avoid playing "Stella & Charlie Got Married", you'd spoil the party. I'm late because.... I have been working a lot today at the university... Where I met...
--- A challenge. Don't explain. An accident?
--- An accident. Couldn't help myself.

An accident. The alibi. Accident-this, accistudent-that, claiming accident prone while having their fun. Cela (re)commenšait mal. I tried to cool down the mood:
--- By now I hope you've finished writing your book. I'd just like to take a look.
She showed me. Her arsenal.
--- Oh, but you don't place yourself cheap, mademoiselle.That's a high price.
--- Yes. Being the 1 of the 1s amongst the ones, consequently....

Now, when Martin Newell is having troubles issuing a personal book about The Cleaners From Venus and being forced to refund the fans, dontcha think it's the same shit for everyone. I had read just 1 book, the week before, an old man, about hate and stuff like that. She tried to clear out the facts:
---- It's not true. It's not true. I'm telling you. It's not true. So there. He didn't insult Martin, he thought of nothing with a luth, etc. I admit he's never watching Jean-Jacques Annaud's movies but he's a good friend. A good friend of mine. A heeartfelt writer. A heartfelt writer. Oh after all, it's only horror. If you forgive, I promise to make common sense.But you were not kind with "Ration Song" & "Special Lonely Day"....
---- Not kind. Not gentle. How dare you?
It's just art, girl. Body talk. I thought you liked these Blues songs....

The ambience degenerated at this point. She lost control again, took a pile of records off the shelf and reduced it to pieces on the ground. I'll let you guess what records......

Some months later, I saw a new book coming out soon from her friend. I did read some pages. Yes, I thought, innocent. Wouldn't harm me. Wouldn't harm a Cleaner either.

We're just jangling men, OK. But when they die, we might fart once or twice
But we won't cry.

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