Perhaps changed most of all out of all of the packs is this place. It was stripped out of its forested home and now instead lays at the edge of an ocean. The vast sparkling eternity of the water lays to the south of the land, while the rest of the land is made of rocky outjuttings. Gone are the trees, and all that remains for greenery are the short shrubs that dot the paths in the rock, and the moss that grows thanks to the spray of the waves. Further toward the shore, barnacles are a plenty, and look to cut the pads of those who slip on the wet surface. These extend out into the water itself, and the tough land has multiple caverns scraped into it, providing ample dens for the wolves that live there. Depending on the tide, however, the lower caverns may flood, and the vicious swirling water may prove to be dangerous as there is a strong undertide ready to pull unsuspecting swimmers to their doom. Even the tide itself is powerful enough to push intruders against one cliff or another. The ocean does provide, however, plenty of food for those who brave the waters - there are many breeds of seals and sea lions, though the males that protect each of these are vicious and territorial. There are also turtles that come ashore to breed and to lay their eggs - both the adults and the eggs themselves can provide sustenance to the wolves. But they must take care - the water is deep enough to allow sharks to come to shore from the depths below. Those unwilling to venture the waves or wet their paws with the moist sand of the shore can find snakes and hares in the rocky outcroppings, but they must beware the Komodo dragon and other monitor lizards that perch upon the shore - they are swift and move in groups, not to mention they carry venom in their bite that causes immense pain, paralysis, and prevents blood clotting. This is not the land for the weak of heart or the weak at all really. This is Uyaraut - ‘The Diamond in the Rough’.




For long moments after she had spoken those words, she regretted them. He looked too shocked, and his mouth did not open for words even once. The silence was sick and palpable, as was the tension. Macaria shut her eyes firmly, prepared to pull away from him. They were meant to be able to say anything to each other. That's what being mates meant. Being fully able to trust another with anything and everything and knowing that you would still be accepted. And she knew first hand the full extent of that range. After all, her father had never stopped loving her mother, even when her mother had stopped loving them. Or rather, even though her mother had not started off loving them. Her mother had been plagued with postpartum depression. When she was a newborn, blind and deaf, she had barely noticed it. But afterward? When her eyes opened and her ears on blocked, she had noticed it right away. Her mother would flinch away from her and her siblings, would spend as little time in the den as possible. Macaria had gotten to spend much more time with her father than most pups her age, so she couldn't complain about that, but she did grow a vast, roaring hatred for her mother. When they started to get older, her mother had finally gotten past the worst of the depression and had wanted to restart their relationship. But Macaria would not hear of it. Her desire to be far away from her mother and to be nothing like her mother had been what had originally led her to being kidnapped the first time around, and probably also why she was so naďve and had allowed herself to be kidnapped by Grey Wind himself. End it was because of her mother that she wanted pups. She wanted to prove to her mother once and for all, even though her mother was not around, that they were nothing alike. The fact that her mate did not feel the same… She started to pull away from him when his voice stopped her.

'I never knew pups was something you wanted. But I have always wanted to make a family, so I would love to.'

She turn back to him, her face lit up with a smile that did actually meet her eyes. But now that he had agreed to them, she would have to make sure that he understood why. Why she wanted pups, so that they were being completely honest with each other. "I have no experience with the young things, aside from my own time as one of them. My old self would have wanted them for the reasons you did-to make a family, to be whole. But I am afraid that that is not my reasoning. Before you commit yourself to me in this endeavor, you must understand-I do not believe I've told you much of my relationship with my mother other than that I hate her. When I was too little to take care of myself, she did not care for any of us. She was too wrapped up in her own sense of wallow in self-pity to notice us or to even care. If it had not been for our father, we likely would have perished simply from malnutrition. Still, my father left us enough for two parents, and I wanted for nothing. My aunt became like a mother to me and love me as well. But that brings us to the reason why I want pups so badly - I want to prove to myself I am nothing like her. But I am the a pitta me of evolution, the improvement from one generation to the next. I will love them and I will care for them. But my initial desire for them comes from a selfish place, and not from a loving one. If you can except that… Well…" She reached out to nozzle against him again, and nipped at his ear. It was one of his trigger spots, a place that he loves to be touched especially in the erotic sense. Her tongue curled around its base and she purred against him. But his next set of words cut her off.

'But, if we have pups, I can’t abandon any of them. Even if one is not entirely healthy. Once they’re conceived they will be family. And I will protect them from this world.'

Her mind was torn, and she did not know how to answer him. Part of her, the part of her that was a healer, that was caring and loving and wanted to help others, felt the way that he did. But the other half of her screamed and protested. If something was born into the world that was broken, it was not meant to live. She had been weak, but she had not been born disabled. And her weakness had been destroyed by her experiences and she had been reborn as something beautiful and dangerous. Weakness with something that she could deal with, weakness with something that could be changed, molded into something new, stronger. But a disablement? A physical deformity that could not be fixed? She was not sure she would be able to handle that. Would he hate her if she spoke her mind? Didn’t matter? No matter the consequences, she would not lie to him, that was their agreement.Slowly, her mouth opened and her tongue rolled over words that were said softly and slowly. She did not wish to get into an argument nor a debate, but she was laying down her simple truths as best as she could. “ if they are not perfectly healthy, I can handle that… With an exception. If they are a runt, they are weak, they can be fixed. And I will accept them. But I will be honest with you and say this-if they are disabled or deformed, I cannot promise anything. This world is cruel and unfair… And I will not subject them to the torment of others if they could be saved from that fate. Come what may I will still love you, and if you do not let me end their misery before it begins, then that is the way life will be lived. I will not do anything… Rash… Without your consent. But there it is-they are my thoughts.” She had withdrawn from him only enough to be able to see his face clearly. She paused a second now, before leaning in to press against him. Her thoughts on having pups had not changed… Macaria still desired them. But unless he could accept what she had said, they would not be doing the tango.


||Macaria||Femme Fatale of Uyaraut||Adult||Grey Wind||

Table Credit to Morgin <3


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