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Cause, baby, you're dead to me

She has a coat of medium thickness, and maybe a little shorter than some wolves of her breed, she has decent musculature and soft facial features. Her base coat is a soft snow white, but most of her coat is taken up by light sunlight hued blonde tone. The white is really only present on her muzzle and in a straight line right up between her ears before darkening into those sunlight tones, the white encompassing both ears, and strecthing down to splash over both of her eyes, and trickle down the side sof her ears to line her cheek fluffin white, leaving the rest as the sunlight tones. Her chest and undersides are also white, as are her hindlegs the back fluff of her haunches, and the toes of her front paws. Her entire tail is white as well, and the same goes for a thin line on the inside of her right foreleg, that in the section of leg just above the paw, she has a smudging white mark that looks vaguely like a sun, a marking like this also present on the back of her head, behind her ears. She has a vague sideways striped marking on the top of her haunches, two of these stripes slightly curved around each other. Her eyes are a golden amber.
Soleil is rather outgoing, confident and assertive. She's open and generally friendly to others, while also remaining guarded at the same time.
Tibetan wolf
Raised in a pack, then became a loner to go and find a new pack to join, and unfold her own future.

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