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Re(5): LOVE (The Band) "¡Que Vida!"

(Alternate Version To Above)

--- You didn't have to say it....
--- I did want to say it!!
--- You didn't have to say it...
--- I did want to say it. I heard you playing "Ragtime Millionaire" on a cello. What could I do but reply?
--- Ta lance est venimeuse...
--- Talence ain't no place for me.
--- Anyway, Martin doesn't like Blues music...
--- You got it wrong: Martin doesn't like people messing with the Blues idiom.
--- Saint-Martin and all of the rest was just coincidences... Also included art the things looking like roots (NB: Status Quo's front-cover to "Quo". HELLO!!). However, I still hate Léo Ferré. Just like in 1980. Why I still "like" Boris Vian is just another contradiction all about me... I'm just a Lille misunderstood.... A Lille misunderstood... That's holes. One special gift that you have rejected decades ago. My children.... My children, not your seed, say I should quit smoking.... But why should I?
---- Personally I did. But maybe you think you're indestructible. Never a nodule moment.... Until then... If I were you....
--- In the morning, I sleep. At night.... In the dark.... Discussing the value of my ass...Remember your disappeared upstairs voisine......?
---- Still in this town --- Saw her car 2 days ago!! Le monde est petit....!!
--- But I never studied evil, black magic, bobbed or what else, oh, there were so many... And they would call some of your ex-girlfriends and your wife whores.... God bless Stevie Wonder, I don't have a mirror.....
--- Don't change, don't change, don't ever change. We love you like you art. Don't sing "Little Miss Loser" out of tune, little miss nothing, we won't let you down.


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