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 photo PicsArt_10-08-08.32.32_zpsjvsxowvc.jpg
Did Your Heart Let Someone In Now

Name: Alistair
Significant other:None yet, he had one at his old homelands. She abused him and cheated until he just broke and couldn't take anymore.
Pups:None yet
Best friend:None yet
Enemy:None yet
Rank:None yet
Species:Red x Gray wolf
Description:Alistair is striking. He's got beautiful thick fur with grays, browns, coppers, and grays mixing in. He has a sort of scary look to him however, for scars scatter his body. Little do the people who see him know - His ex lover gave him them.Even with a sea of scars scattering his body, he still had the stats in his eyes. They were deep blue, the kind you could get lost in that had speckles of white in them, like the night sky.
Special Effects/Mutations:None
Special Marks/Scars:Scars all over his body. Mainly his face. His ex lover scratched a star like symbol into his eye to make him look “more attractive”.
Personality:Alistair is a total sweetheart, and very loving. He is true of heart, noble and will fight for whatever he thinks is right. He is damaged but still insists he will find the good in people and often fakes a smile just to please.
Biography:Alistair is from a broken family, his dad left him and his mother behind after she had him and she slowly died from cancer as he grew to be a teen. He thought he could mend his heart, he fell for a beauty who grew to be the beast. Their toxic love left him broken and beaten. He finally left her, after so long of her cheating and abusing him.
Favorite Food:Crab
Favorite Plant:Red and white roses
Introvert/Extrovert: A bit of both.
RP/Plot Availability:

Always Waking In Your Sleep
|Alistair|Adult|Home|Bound|Star Child|

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