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I Won't Go Back

 photo PicsArt_10-08-11.55.00_zpskx5mtitf.jpg
I'm So Sick Of You, So Sick Of Me

Parents: Mother is dead, left his father behind.
Siblings: Beartooth, his brother.
Significant other: He used to have one, she cheated non stop and got pregnant from his brother. She always made him feel unwanted but he hid it and ignored it. He still wants a love life, but he only wants one in his life . . .
Pups: None yet
Best friend: None yet
Enemy: Beartooth, his brother.
Rank: None yet ~
Species: Gray x Tundra
Description: Fairly muscular and evened out, he's a lanky kind of guy. He has black and gray fur, while white bleaches his muzzle, legs and chest. His orbs are an arctic blue, the kind you could get lost in.
Special Effects/Mutations: None
Special Marks/Scars: None
Personality: Sol is a very heartbroken guy, though he refuses to show it. He just left his only family and life behind because he simply got fed up, he was lied to, cheated on, hurt, stressed, abused and drowning in his misery. He hides his soft side with anger or just a numb and dull shell. If you break his shell though, he is a loving guy.
Biography: Sol was in a committed relationship with a fae named Olivia, he loved her to death, but she ended up cheating with his brother Beartooth and got knocked up. His family was abusive to both boys, and eventually Sol just got fed up with all of it and left.
Favorite Food: Deer
Favorite Plant: White roses, they symbolize eternal love.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
OOC: Metalhead
RP/Plot Availability:

I'm So Sick Of The Person I Used To Be
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