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 photo PicsArt_10-08-11.57.53_zpsk2f8dqmd.jpg
This Is For The Kids With The Beaten In Lips

Name: Beartooth
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Parents: Mother is deceased
Siblings: Sol, his brother.
Significant other: He will more than likely not claim a single lover.
Pups: Some at his old homeland.
Best friend: None
Enemy: His parents
Rank: None yet
Species: Gray x Tundra
Description: Beartooth is a large, muscular wolf who prides himself on his appearance. He has earthy browns and creams mixing into his fur, his eyes are a deep ocean blue that are easy to get lost in. Under his thick fur there's scars scattered.
Special Effects/Mutations: None
Special Marks/Scars: None
Personality: Beartooth is a total ladies man, he has no room in his heart for love besides love for himself. He has no self control when it comes to the ladies, and he has a sick, twisted sense of humor. He's not a good guy at all. He's also a warrior at heart, however.
Biography: Beartooth was physically abused by his father as a young child - and watched as his father beat his mother, scars scatter his body under his thick fur from it. Then his brother was born and the injuries became external with their words. The brothers were divided, their father insisted Sol was not his real son and that she cheated. He killed their mother. Afterward, Beartooth became jealous of Sol love for Olivia. So he became the rift between them, trying to fill the hole in his heart. He knocked up Olivia, and once he found that put he left, right after Sol.
Favorite Food: Hare
Favorite Plant: Daisies
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
OOC: Metalhead
RP/Plot Availability:

Who's Parents Try To Shut Them Up Using Their Fists
|Beartooth|Adult|Home|Bound To Himself|Ladies Man|

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