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1984 before reading

Personally I agree with the statement for an idea to exist we must have words to express it this is because if we were to have ideas and no one to share it with then what’s the point. So many of the things we use are because of ideas the reason that our society is able to grow and get better is because of ideas because ideas themselves make us better. If those people were to not express their ideas then we would be held back our society would be different and we would be in an era in which there is no creativity what so ever. As time goes on people have learned to be open, the reason that people have been able to make a difference is because of their ideas and their determination to make things happen. We have had many instances in which we have all fought for our freedom and if it wasn’t for just that one person there would not have been this change in history and quit honestly we would not be where we are now.

I also agree with this statement because if we were to let things just happen and stand back and watch knowing we could put a stop to these things why shouldn’t we. Now we express it through writing and speaking and at times we leave things behind to show our future generation what life may have been like or to explain our feelings about that time and depending on who may read these books it may make them want to do something about it or say something about it. In the world there have been so many events in which inspirational leaders have took a stand against so much negatively which has also lead to other people standing right alongside of them willing to fight for the cause and all it took was one person one idea and that one person being bold enough to express themselves and to stand up for what they believe in. if a person had an idea and were not willing to express it the only reason would be fear, fear is the thing that hurts people and without one person bold enough to overcome that feeling of fear everyone else would be slaves to these conditions and regulations. No one would involve their input and everyone would stay to their selves and what good would this do to society we as people depend on other people weather we realize it or not what one person may have experienced may just be the motivation another needs. Many small ideas have led to some remarkable things for instance phones a simple device once just used at home to call people now you can use it anywhere these devices are used by so many people to raise awareness without it we would be lost because phones are our life lines whether we believe it or not. We use it everywhere this is mainly the reason people have such a hard time concentrating but although there is bad there is also good because these phones and technology itself has led to the creation of many great things. This is why we should realize that ideas impact us because although it may start of as something so small it can become something big if we let it and in order to do this we need to be able to use words to express our ideas because they have importance.

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