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I'm just a pretty thing!

Name: Margaurite

Age: Adult

Gender: female

Description: A classic grey wolf: creamy limbs and undercoat topped by a silky tapestry of interwoven grey, ash, black, and russet. She is on the smaller side for a female, with petite delicate features and saffron-yellow eyes that sparkle like soulless gemstones . . . Margaurite is a pretty thing, yet it's clear that not much else is going on behind that attractive facade.

Personality: Margie grew up protected and doted on by her pack, surrounded by stronger siblings who were instructed to care for her - since she clearly could not fend for herself. If someone bothered to teach the girl some survival skills, she might not have grown up so useless . . . but instead she became absolutely spoiled and helpless, unable and uninterested in taking care of herself. She cannot even hunt on her own. Margie is a bit of a parasite, using her charming looks and "vulnerable" act to draw in males so that they'll protect and provide for her. She craves an easy life of luxury. A total brat.

History: When hard times hit Margie's pack later on in her life, her siblings finally had enough of her useless dead weight. They could not afford to feed her in addition to the elders and the other children in the pack, especially when her demands became increasingly more ridiculous and selfish. Margaurite had been ruined by their parents and the attention of the rest of the faction, and they understood that in order to survive, they could not treat her as a helpless pup any longer. They dropped her off away from the territory, satisfied she did not possess the skills necessary to track them back to the pack. They were right - Margie quickly became lost, and wandered into Blossom Forest a starving, whining mess.

OOC: xathira

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