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Name: Growlithe

Age: Pup

Gender: Male

Appearance: Growlithe is a earthy shade of brown, almost an orangey-clay color, but not quite. He has a lighter cream colored tuft that reaches from the bridge between his eyes all the way in between his ears, he has four dark, almost black stripes that start from his spine and reach mid way down his body. And four more V shaped stripes, one on each leg mid way up. He also has a cream colored patch on his chest, and his tail is cream colored also. (see picture above)

Species: canix himalayensis x canis lupus lupus*

Personality: Growlithe is loyal and dependable, as a pup he will be playful and curious but fiercely loyal to his family, defending them at all costs. As he grows into a teen, this gangly boy will not lose his youthful curiosity, and will always be wanting to study and learn about the areas around him. Growlithe will grow to be one of the most loyal wolves you have ever met, which will make him extremely dependable. He will not however, be the type to reach out for power, so although he was made to receive it, it is highly unlikely Growlithe will ever be a high ranking wolf within any pack.

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