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Re(5): oes

The Verdict --- La Séance Est Levée.

So, it was a.... hoooh... Ghost.
It's a deliberate choice to live 100% "My Life In (On) Film" or fighting again to make sure the song "Rose Of The Lanes" tell lies. It doesn't. If I would fight for such a cause, I'd do better embracing Adrian Borland's conclusion, claiming that there's a sign --- Tremble, mortals, tremble.... --- to what happened to Amy Winhouse in 2011. Ask Serge Zéni to save you, when nobody's around anymore, he'll put his Jesus suit on and will make it.
There is no resemblance with Amy's cruel fate and the Rose of the lanes, even less with a Swiss girl transformed to a pizza.
Meanwhile there's a 55 year-old girl who could sing All About Eve's "I Don't Know" much better than what you don't want to hear on the ceedee anymore. Nearby, there's a Rita, however, a very nice person, working like a slave and not aware of even 1% of all the virtual games they're trying to make us fall into. Hardly Into Paradise....
Poor Adrian Borland..................
Poor Amy Winehouse...................
The rose left because she left. Hope she'll win. Hope she won't lose.
I long lost the guilty blues!!

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