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Thank Ya Kindly, Darl'n


Adult, yet wise for his years.

Alonzo is a broad chested fellow, with long, sturdy legs leading to almost comically big paws. He is barrel chested and all around wide, creating a somewhat intimidating glower.

Though, to break it up a bit, his muzzle is a little less than pretty. Being stereotypical of corse, he's got a scarred up, injury ridden face. Or, more specifically, he has a section of his lips missing on his left side, with his lower canine and a few molars showing. A bit of a scar trails up his muzzle towards his right eye, ending just below on his cheek; though it's now a dull pink that's not nearly as noticeable. Also, adorning his belly and lower ribs, dozens of pink scars riddle his belly where the fur no longer grows.

However, it's only seen when he rolls to his back and his thick fur parts. He now uses his constantly barred teeth as a buffer to people, making them uncomfortable with his bubble-bursting personality.

Now, for his color. Being a Mexican Red Wolf, he has that shaggy look to his underbelly and chest while maintaining a thinner coat on his back and face. His base color is a rusty brown, covering his ears and top of his head and muzzle, continuing halfway down his ribs and flank. His belly fur, shaggy and messy, is a dark cream with his rusty brown creating little sweeps throughout. The top of his back is a deep brown, almost black, dappled along his withers and tail. It also trails up his legs to about his hocks on his back legs and 'elbows' on his front. His muzzle is a dusty cream with flecks of both rusty and dark brown with the semblance of freckles near his nose and whiskers, a slash of white on either side. His forehead area is similar to his back, with the same dark color. As for his eyes, a rich honey brown and flecks of a yellowish to accent near his pupils.

Alonzo is your typical western charmer. Or. Was?

Before he was suddenly and unwillingly turned into the joker knockoff, he was a rather mischievous, ornery young fellow with a knack for trouble.

Though, after a few come to Jesus moments within his life (i.e. His ugly mug) that dulled his original self down and forced him to mature much faster than a young adult should. He's now a somewhat wise soul, while managing to be a bubble burster with an outgoing facade to laugh in life's face that disputes the curveballs it threw, he's still here and happy.



Anyway, he's a bit of a southern wolf, with that characteristic drawl and baritone voice. Don't be surprised when he spits out a weird saying, most usually have meaning and he knows when to use them. Sometimes.

Species- Mexican Red Wolf

From a young age, he was fighting in his pack to... again stereotypically.. stay alive. His pack was more of a rogue gang of sorts, generally making life harder for everyone. Evidently, being rebellious, he fought with the leader and lost. Horribly. His thick belly fur covers almost remaining scars where strong back paws pummeled claws into his belly, though his showing teeth are a scar he doesn't proudly wield. At least, on the inside.

After his injuries, he left the pack fuming mad and mentally crippled. Anyone he came across, his brash personality due to his upbringing would drive them away. Evidently, he was ready to just serve himself as a grumpy loner, an older wolf had came along and metaphorically swept him up. Or, Alonzo constantly followed him while the older griped at him, inadvertently giving him life advice.

When the other was critically injured by a deer's kick to his chest, Alonzo was forced to watch his final breath. Not to mention on an empty belly, yikes.

Well, his death brought forth a sense of responsibility (After going through all 5 stages of grief. Multiple times.) so on Alonzo lives. For what, he's not sure, but hey- I don't hear anybody complaining -mostly because those that did are 6 feet under, but that's besides the point.



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