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just another angry voice

they thought they could keep me down,
hold their breath and watch me drown

Name: Nimhe

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: This demoness is an excellent specimen, her ivory canvas born within the frozen hues of winter. Her robes are blinding and sharp, resembling the shade of snow. The only shade that taints this white is obsidian, and this shade appears in various splotches cast upon her silhouette and along her mask. She is large, which is expected from the blood that runs through her veins. Her silhouette is hugged with soft, feminine curves that compliment a dominating muscular lace. Her eyes are of a captivating and stunning, ice blue.

Personality: A machine of war. Perfected, deadly, unconquerable. Nimhe will prove to be a merciless challenge for any who dare to venture her path. She is vindictive, unforgiving. If you do wrong by this large miss, then she will forever hold it against you. She also has a very heated temper, and it is a deadly rage that takes over her whenever she has reached her limit. However, she is soft when it comes to her friends and family. She is extremely devoted to her cherished ones.

Breed: Tundra

OOC: Kyleigh

but all they did has pushed me higher

huntress .x. of age .x. i am loyal to none .x. i am loving of none .x. controlled by kyleigh

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