been out in the night.

Maturity warning: Swearword.

“An outlaw in the wilderness?” Cal gazed at him blankly. The only outlaws in the wilderness she knew of on Xara were aja trappers, and the ones here were mostly supporters of Tristan or pirates. It was hard to imagine Flynn as any of those things. An image of him with an eyepatch and a wooden leg fluttered into her mind’s eye and she grinned, the action completely transforming Lorraine’s face into something altogether more human. “Being trapped in Gwythr on Shaman sounds like being a caddy farmer at a peaky’s party.”

Amazing, really, that anyone had thought she really was Lorraine for more than a second.

Dylan didn’t seem to find it amusing; probably because he understood more of what Flynn was saying. Cal was about to demonstrate what a thigh gap was when Flynn shot back his answer and told his younger brother to go and see the king. As Dylan was scurrying off, Cal cupped her hands to her mouth.

“It’s when you put your knees together and there’s a gap between ya thighs!” She shouted after him cheerfully, attracting stares from the guards on duty by the castle entrance.

She went to drop her hands into her pockets but realised she was still wearing Lorraine’s flimsy nightdress, so rested them on her hips instead. She smiled mischievously at Flynn as he turned back to her, well aware that she’d derailed his parenting moment.

“Magical?” She repeated, the smile fading away. “You mean I’ve also got her… ahh, shit.” She held up her hands and shook her head. “No way. Don’t tell Buddy or he’ll make me use it.”


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