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A Dream of You & Me


All that glitters is gold; don't believe what you've been told.

Name: Sabelle
Age: Adolescent
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undetermined
Parents: Pierce x Athene
Siblings: Sister
Significant Other: None
Pups: Not Applicable
Best Friend: None
Enemy: None
Rank: None
Species: Timber x Arctic
Description: A white and cream pelt covers her flesh in an agouti style, bands alternating between the two. Her eyes are hazel, like her motherís. depending on her surroundings, they sometimes look more blue, or more green.
Special Effects/Mutations: None.
Special Marks/Scars: None.
Personality: Sabelle comes from a family life that was not stable, but in some ironic sense there was always love. Sabelle herself though knows not truly what love is, there is some twisted version of it in her head that allows her only to befriend others, but not quite get past that. After being ripped away from the only mother figure in her life she grew to resent her father and thus most males. She is appreciative of strong feminine figures, like the one that had once been mother, and she seeks to be only the best. She pushes herself beyond all boundaries and keeps herself in peek physical and mental condition (or rather what she deems as such).
Biography: She did not live long in Blossom Forest and so most of her understanding of life comes from another world. She was in training to become the Beta of her fatherís homeland, after him. Ranks within that pack were held by families, and her bloodline had held the position for as long as anyone could remember. She was being groomed to take the position before she left. She is a runaway child in search of something she lost a long time ago, though she knows not what.
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Bonds/Mesmers, etc: None
OOC: Alesana

People lie, people love, people go, but beauty lies in every soul.
|A Forgotten Soul|

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