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Re(9): DISBANDMENT OF No. 285 Squadron, RICHMOND.

Hi guys / girls
As one of the team that created 285SQN hear are the Facts of creation and why now is the time to disband.
285 SQN was formed to centralize all the Richmond based aircrew / maint training as there were currently C130E soon to be J , B707, C130H, ALG Airman aircrew, Crew att basic and Loadmster Basic.
At the time there was the introduction of the C130J computer based training system and 2 new simulators, a new B707 simulator ( as part of the (AIB) and the new C130H
Given that all the sims were to be managed on a central contract and within the Training Flights of each unit Training people and Training sorties took a back seat to Operations, now was a good time to see if it could be merged and have a CO who's pirority was just training.

Where are we now? Well no B707, no C130H, no Crew Att basic and Loadmasters basic in Amb.. So it's now just C130J training.
With hte decision to move all C27J training to AMB, no need for it now it should just go back to being 37SQN training flight.
Yes the wheel turned but it turns for a reason.


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