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And all the kids cried out, "Please stop, you're scaring me."

Angelus Ultionem (angel of vengeance, self-given title)
He has long-legs, an athletically fit frame, and a predatory grace. The majority of his coat a black cloak of shadows and night. The only things marking him are a snowy white, in two swooping splashes at his shoulders that vaguely resemble wings, and a bandit facial mask about the eyes, though on the right side this stretches upward to encompass the right ear as well. His eyes are an intense glacier blue.
Licht is savage, ruthless, and yet surprisingly tender to anyone who gets underneath his shields. He has a hair-trigger temper, and doesn't falter once it's triggered, is generally quite violent once he's agitated at all, very self-confident, and believes himself to be an angel.
Alexander Archipelago wolf x Arctic Wolf
Licht was raised within his pack as royalty, despite the fact that his mother had essentially had him with not-her-mate. The rest of his litter died shortly after birth, and as such, he was the only remaining young wolf of the alphas. Along the years he started to gain rigorous battle training and was thrown around so much that his mind twisted, and he began to think of himself as an angel.

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