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I will make you hurt.

Name: Rogan

Gender: male

Age: teen

Appearance: His coat gleams a rich auburn, one that shines with hints of honey highlights in the sun. Along his back this russet tone darkens to a deep mahogany and then a dorsal strip of pure black that ends at the base of his tail. A black star sits at the center of his brow, between and just above his jade green eyes. His build is stocky like a wrestler's - a tank.

Breed: timber

Personality: Rogan is as stubborn as an ox - fitting, because he's built like one. Though not a stupid fellow, this obstinate streak gets him into plenty of trouble as he refuses to ever admit that he's wrong. Rogan would rather suffer the consequences than bow to anyone else . . . a classic case of someone cutting off their nose to spite their face. It's hard to say if R has a temper or not, since he appears to sit perpetually in a foul brooding mood. It's as yet unknown what can soften his concrete exterior.

History: Rogan has reached the age when it is appropriate for a boy to leave his home and set off to find another pack or mate. His clan was one of strong, hardy fighters, all of them used to tough winters and hunting dangerous prey. He grew his callous armor early on. The only other surviving member of his litter is a brother.

OOC: xathira


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