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Kalilah (Kuh-lee-ah)



Gray Wolf

All eyes go to Kalilah whenever she makes her entrance. She is a beauty; her curvaceous frame tall and graceful. Carried with pride. When she speaks, her voice is like honey. Full of warmth, rich, and sweet. Her base coat is a stunning white; however, it is flecked heavily with various shades of silver (gray), granting her a slightly darker appearance. This gray gradually darkens to produce a rich ebony that consumes a small section of her face, as well as her maw, the tips of her ears, appendages, across her scruff, and on her tail.

Much like the other zodiacs, this girl has heterochromia. Kalilahís right eye resembles the night sky (figuratively); consumed with a rich blue and purple, flecked throughout with flakes of stunning white. Her left hue is the color of peridot; a soft, light, and brilliant shade of green. These eyes are almost always full of joy, and her face rests in an easy smile.

True to her zodiac (Leo), this outgoing, young queen is fueled by a desire to be wanted, loved, and admired. She is a natural born leader; confident and dominating with a fiery temper. Kalilah is fiercely loyal and loves hard; leading into a vicious possessiveness over her loved ones. She is all for giving and is extremely warm-hearted, but sharing does not come easy to her. She is quick to grow jealous and is very straightforward. This girl will never hesitate to speak her mind. At times, she is self-centered, her ego is boosted, and she will unconsciously become very harsh and say things that may hurt anotherís feelings. She is stubborn, and deeply set in her ways.

Creation of Kyleigh

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