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the rain stole away and took the parts that kept me functioning

Name: Ari
Age: Teen
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ari is rather small for his age and breed, a fact he knows quite well. His legs and belly are pure white, while his back and sides are a mixture of blacks, grays, and orangey-russets. Ari's tail is pure black, while his neck and head become more gray, the russet becoming more of a light brown that rings his ears, covers his nose, and circles his eyes. The bottom half of his jaw, his gullet, and chest are white, while the rest of his head and neck are gray. Like so. Ari has heterochromia, like all Zodiacs. His right eye is a deep blue, often mistaken for black, with infrequent white flecks, while his left is a light red, much like a ruby. His eyes are wide and expressive, often filled with empathy and giving him a pure, innocent look. Ari has a hard time putting on both weight and muscle, which prevents him from playing a large role in fighting, but it very agile.

Personality: Ari, true to his cancer zodiac, is run on his emotion. From a young age, he displayed an incredibly high level of empathy and understanding of both his own and others' emotions. He cares deeply for others and is always willing to lend an ear to others. He has almost motherly tendencies for his friends and his very protective, though prefers to avoid confrontation as he always picks fights with those who are bigger and stronger than he is. Ari is deeply loyal to those close to him, but is wary of strangers due to the Zodiacs' past.

Ari's personality can manifest itself negatively as well, often in the form of selfishness or manipulation of others when he is pissed off. Though easier to anger than he seems, Ari hides it well. Ari tends to care too much for those around him and ignores his own needs, closing himself off if need be. He also his an incredibly competitive streak in him.

Breed: Grey wolf

OOC: Livia

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