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Name: Qiturah
Age: unborn
Gender: female
Sexuality: monogamous, straight
Parents: Sired by Vladimir x Dam of Seraphina
Siblings: One of her sisters was stillborn. One of her sisters, _______, is played by Livia. Her brother, ____________, is played by Archery.
Significant other: none, she is too young for love.
Pups: none, she is too young for birth
Best friend: Until she at least has her eyes open and is no longer deaf, she has no friends.
Enemy: vampires are her natural enemy, as she is a Tempest.
Rank: She is unranked as she is a pup
Species: Grey x Ethiopian
Description: Her coat never gets fully thick in the winter due to her motherís thin hair, which she inherited. Because of this she nearly constantly shivers in the winter, causing her to lose significant amounts of weight. Her pelt is brindle, a mesh of striping brown and vibrant russet that coats her whole body without any white. Her pools, while still young, are a glorious gold in color, with speckles of emerald through. Of course when she becomes a teenager, she will inherit the vibrant azure orbs that are the trait of the Tempests.
Special Effects/Mutations: Oferweder
Special Marks/Scars: She has none yet, but likely will from battles.
Personality: She truly takes after her mother in many ways - she has a big personality and always says what is on her mind. She is snarky and witty and always has a swift comeback.
Biography: She is one of 4 pups born in Vladimirís and Seraphinaís first litter.
Favorite Food: For now, it is milk and digested food!
Favorite Plant: She has not experienced any.
Introvert/Extrovert: extrovert
OOC: Azura
RP/Plot Availability: Once she is a teenage she will need to find her rainbows and her soulmate. I may want her to hate her soulmate - have it be an enemy of hers.

Human version: Evangeline Lilly

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