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voici mes enfants

Name: Rodan *HIATUS*
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Pack and rank: none
Mate: None
Offspring: none
Color/eyes: Pure white, one blue eye, one green
Breed: Arctic

Name: Seraphina
Age: Teen
Gender: female
Pack and rank: Dierne Hrof Teen
Mate: Vladimir (Soulmate)
Offspring: Ziva, Qiturah, Briathos
Color/eyes: Coppery shade with white on her chest, throat, insides of her legs, and underside of her tail. Tail tip is black. Green eyes with an amber center.
Breed: Ethiopian

Name: Bowen
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Pack/Rank: Saw Tooth
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Color/eyes: Red cinnamon toned coat, black legs and dorsal stripe. White throat, ear tips, tail tip, and under eyes. Dark brown eyes.
Breed: Maned x Iberian

Name: Gwaine *HIATUS*
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Pack/rank: dierne hrof
Mate: none
offspring: none
color/eyes: Dark brown with lighter brown legs. Black tail and paws. Some cream on his face. Earthy brown eyes.

Name: Amias *HIATUS*
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Pack/rank: none
Mate: none
offspring: none
color/eyes: white, almost unnoticeable gray saddle shape on his back. Dull green eyes.

Name: Cincinnatus *HIATUS*
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Pack/rank: none
mate: none
offspring: none
color/eyes: dark to light earth tones with splashes of cream. Crimson legs, as if blood stained. Yellow-gold eyes.

Name: Seerower *HIATUS*
Age: Teen
gender: male
pack/rank: none
mate: none
offspring: none
color/eyes: tannish-beige with white and gray around face and neck. russets, browns, and blacks across back that fade into beige. white paws, black ear tips and tail tip. white mark on left cheek vaguely resembling a skull and cross bones. Amber eyes.

Name: Ziva
Age: pup
Gender: Female
pack/rank: Dierne Hrof pup
mate: N/A
offspring: N/A
Color/eyes: Red and white brindle with blue eyes
Breed: Grey x Ethiopian


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