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Name: Rowena
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rowena is a smaller wolf, her pelt is all black except for her paws, muzzle, tail and ear tips which are snow white. Her right eye is black with white flecks while her left eye is sapphire blue.
Personality: Rowena is a loyal and kind wolf, but she can be too shy for her own good at times. She takes time to look at every situation from every angle, not wanting to jump to conclusions or misunderstand anything. She loves to learn new things about everything, but often worries too much to let herself enjoy the little things in life.
History: Rowena is on the run with her fellow Zodiacs from a group that has wanted to kill their kind. They stumbled upon Blossom, hoping to find refuge here.
Breed: Gray Wolf
OOC: Violet

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