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Kiev (taurus) test


Name: Kiev
Age: Teen
Gender: Masculini
Appearance: Adorned with a raven coat, this brute's emerald green left eye stands out like a sore thumb. His left eye is a mesmerizing midnight blue with a stunning array of white flecks around the iris. Kiev is a built like an ultimate weapon and often intimidates people solely based on his looks. He has a subtle white ring of fur around the back of his neck, a very distinct mark from the one battle he was ever in.
Personality: Kiev is actually a pretty sensitive dude. He's not the one who ventures out into the unknown and leads the way, he will follow the leader and "dot the I's and cross the T's". He likes to do things his way. He much prefers to work alone so things get done they way he wants them to be done. Kirv is an excellent friend. The few that he holds dear to him are guarded and protected. His friends are treated like family and he is fiercely loyal and dependable. Ki is not fond of change. In fact, if change is imminent, he tends to get very nervous and worried. He hates anything new because anything new is unknown and Kiev fears the unknown. He needs order in his life, without it he gets very anxious. Ki does not express his feelings openly and his inner self is contained and secretive. Others generally do not know how sensitive he really is, he hides it extremely well. As a result, he is often emotionally hurt when the wrong things are said, he takes things far too personally sometimes. He absolutely will not however talk about his emotions and it is extremely rare for anyone to know how he really feels. His kindness should absolutely never be taken for granted though, for he carries and immense amount of patience, but once it runs out it's game over. Death is better.
Breed: Gray wolf
History (optional): TBD
OOC: Pompeii

. And when his halo broke .
. He carved the two halves into horns .

masculini || lone || teen

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