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there's magic in your touch swam the sea at the darkest blue

Name: Gizmo
Gender: male
Age: unborn pup
Appearance: runt. With such a small litter, there shouldn't really be a reason for this lad to come out so small himself - yet compared to his brother he seems more vulnerable and sickly. As he grows up, he'll be prone to illness, and this likelihood to get sick will carry on as an adult. He'll always be the first in the pack to get a cold. HOWEVER, despite his less than perfect immune system, this boy will grow up to be one hell of a fighter, short stature or not. Though he will always stand a little lower to the ground than most males, he will be built like a bulldog: a tank with rippling muscles and the broad masculine face of his father. His coat is a mottled cinnamon-espresso canvas not unlike the pattern of a tortoiseshell cat - russet borrowed from Sebastian and brown borrowed from his mother. Along his saddle his fur darkens to a more uniform dark chocolate color. His eyes are his mother's hazel.
Personality: Giz as a pup will be playful and considerate of others when he's not sickly. When the lad enters his teen years, he will try out different personalities, whether he wants to be polite to others or whether he wants to be mean and chastise everyone. As an adult though, he will be cunning, smart, and always willing to defend his family, whatever pack he's in and those in it, he will call others on their ways to cheat in life and he will always look for ways to be one step ahead of everyone else as he's the runt and he wants everyone to take him seriously.
Breed: Canadian
OOC: Liberty

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