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you're the color of my blood

Name: Kaiser
Age: unborn pup
Gender: Male
Appearance: unhealthy. Deaf. Takes after his mother. Tall like his father - but much lankier than his brother, so that he has a nearly feminine appearance. As a teen, this will make him quite awkward, yet as an adult, he'll easily turn heads with his effortless elegance. His coat shines mainly the clean white of his mother, with the only chocolate tones of his sire showing as a patch over his shoulders and freckling his face. A saddle of diluted brown - a soft creamy cocoa color - spills across his back. His eyes are his mother's bright blue with fiery amber around the iris.
Personality: As a pup, Kaiser will spend his early childhood learning to read the lips of others to. understand what others say, he'll be one of the sweetest and keep close to his family in fear of getting lost. As a teen, he will be quite awkward but he will always put others first and this will be the time he explores his personality and sexuality alike. As an adult, he'll know he's beautiful, he'll stand with his head high and like no one can break his confidence, even though he's deaf, he'll use his other senses to his advantage as they'll be overly heightened by this point in his life, he'll be the one to help others but also be a bit cocky as he knows he's too good for anyone. He'll be sarcastic, but sweet. Melancholy evil if you would.
Breed: arctic x Himalayan x MacKenzie Valley wolf
OOC: Liberty

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