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Name: Luna
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Parents: Doesn't know her father, her mother is Spring.
Siblings: Two brothers, Helheim and Kiev.
Significant other: None yet.
Pups: None yet.
Best friend: None yet.
Enemy: None yet.
Rank: None yet.
Species: Gray wolf
Description: Bold as bold can be, this lovely Gemini girl is quite literally split into two. Black cloaks her left side, while snow white her right. This unique pattern runs from the tip of her nose, down her whole body and to the tip of her plume. Her eyes are also evenly unique. Heterochromia seems to flow greatly through her family. Her left eye is a beautiful moonstone like. Purples, blues, faint oranges and yellows seem to bounce around when the light hits - Though it's mainly blue and purple with orange rimming half of the iris. Yellow flecks scatter about the colors as well. {DO NOT CHANGE OR SPARKLE} Her right eye is like the starry night sky, a deep blueish purple that flecks with grays and whites. She has a nice build for a lady, strong, warrior like structure and yet still manages to keep a curvaceous look to her.
Special Effects/Mutations: None.
Special Marks/Scars: None.
Personality: Luna doesn't have a set personality. She sort of bounces about. Some days she's down in the dumps, other days she's a ray of sunshine. She is both a lover and a fighter, a loyal woman at heart. Don't take her beauty for granted, she's a force to be reckoned with. She does not know her own strength and has a venom to her lyrics when she's angered. She fears nothing and no one.
Biography: Luna grew up as the only girl of her mother's three children. She was treated differently than her brothers, babied through most of her pup years until she finally had enough. She snapped on her mother, telling her this was not her and that she wished to just be treated normally like her brothers. This started Luna on the path of training. She began to train as a young teen, wanting to be strong and powerful.
Favorite Food: Boar
Favorite Plant: Roses
Introvert/Extrovert: A bit of both
OOC: Metalhead
RP/Plot Availability: Any and all!! Keep in mind she's also in the Zodiac plot however!

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