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it's the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen

Name: Dexter Alcatraz
Nickname: Dex or Alc
Age (pup, teen, adult): unborn pup
Gender: female
Appearance (include at the minimum coat and eye color): Unhealthy: heart murmur. This defect is fairly innocent, and won't really effect her unless she drives herself too hard during training. Her base coat is her parents' clean white, with a distinctive reverse-skull pattern on her head. Several black blotches mark a line down her throat until they join a splash of black along her underbelly that creeps down her tail. Her delicate toes are all black, and her eyes are a vibrant pumpkin yellow.
Personality: Dex as a pup will take after her mother in the sarcasm note, but as she grows will develop her own personality in being a teen, she will become infatuated with how normal other look and want to dissect them any way she can. As an adult she will continue on with that personality except she will be way more flirty, sarcastic and devilish, she will also believe that she belongs in a completely different world and be completely mad.
Breed: (grey wolf x arctic) x arctic
OOC: Liberty

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