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aren't you scared?

Name ;; Cato

Gender ;; Male

Age ;; Unborn Pup

Apperance ;; A snowy base coat like both of his parents. He's slightly smaller than average for a male wolf - but this doesn't make him weak or delicate in the least. Hi so young body will grow strong: compact like an arctic wolf, perfectly designed to withstand the cold. He inherited his father's "fingerless gloves" on his forelimbs. A broken irregular stripe has fractured across his face, and its large chunky obsidian pieces trickle down his back. He has a bushy ringed tail, and brilliant yellow eyes.

Personality ;; Cato is very overprotective of his brother and sisters. He appreciates a good laugh now and then, but often times isn't more serious than funny. He's a natural born warrior, like his mother. When he grows up, he may be a bit of a flirt.

Siblings ;; [ other pups played by Metalhead, Liberty, and Rini ]

Ooc ;; Delaria

cato :: pup :: jack skellington x onai :: child of delaria


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