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It's like a movie, but there's not a happy ending

When they call my name Summer Rose is what you'll hear.

How many seasons have passed me by now? Adult Enough that I have made many sacrifices.

They will speak of her pure white cape, Female and the way the shadows hated her existence.

Beneath her hood she hid Regal, with long slender limbs, and a slightly fluffier coat than a normal kalak. For the most part Summer is a rare leucistic kalak. The normal kalak points are the usual black, and there's a slight touch of normalcy aside from that, in the form of the usual cinnamon-russet-red envelops the bridge of her nose, muzzle, and flecks up her face, before lining her eyes (basically taking the place of black in this picture:, in the stead of black, as if not all of her was bleached white. Her eyes are a mercurial silver. And she was always the last to burn in any photograph.

They remember her as Sweet, kind and caring, she tends to put those she cares for much before herself, though she is capable of spark and fire, especially when faced with the correct person to cause it. She can be playful and teasing to those who grow close to her. but nobody can know everything about someone else.

Bleed her dry and maned wolf blood is what you will find.

The history as we know it goes Presumed dead back in her old home-lands, she had been running from a danger she's long since forgotten, and her family and friends back home presume her dead. That feeling of dread still lingers, but she has always been afraid of the shadows...and dark crimson eyes that linger and stalk from them. but how much of that is true?

She did nothing all that remarkable this Halloween Foxy except to burn away the old flaws and to create me.

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