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If by my LiFE or DEATH


To live Will be an Awfully big Adventure

Name: Crusoe
Age: Unborn
Gender: Brute
Appearance: He is a brown agouti - a lovely creamy undercoat layered with an earthy hue overtop so that overall he resembles a soft milk chocolate occasionally brindled by cream. His fur is thick but insanely soft, it almost feels like cotton. His eyes are whiskey brown, but will change to blazing blue when he is older. They are lined by the cream of his undercoat, causing the color to pop even more.
Specialties: Oferweder Tempest
Personality: This little dudes heart is full of adventure and love for the world. Everything is beautiful, wonderful and full of the magic of discovery and friendship! He sports a true heart of gold. He will be loyal beyond all measure. Protective of all creatures. His heart is bigger than his body, his bravery knows no bounds. He's a total doofus and lets his heart lead the way. He puts all others before himself, especially his Arcus Irae.
Biography: Born of his mother and father's first litter. Sired by Drizzt, mothered by Kirastasia
Siblings: A sister played by Rini and another brother played by Liberty (named Lotus)
Breed: Tundra X Timber Wolf
History: In the making
OOC: Pompeii


If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.

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