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Are you insane like me? [auto music]


Name: Pan
Age: Teen
Gender: Brute
Appearance: This boy has a coat reflecting the beauty of October leaves. Similar to that of cinnamon in color. His eyes are a rich, dark brown. He has a semicolon white pattern down his chest and a white strip from shoulder to shoulder. He is not large, at the middle of his species average.
Personality: This boy has a split personality. Pan, the one who runs the show, is cruel and unrelenting. Ever since discovering Blossom Forrest and it's exploding magic, something in him has snapped and he is dead set on discovering the magic of eternal life and youth. He is sadistic and won't let anything get in his way. He will play mind games with whomever he crosses paths with. His sense of humor is extremely dark and quite frankly gruesome. The beast adores playing games. Sometimes playing along may be the only way to get away from him. Peter is the polar opposite of Pan. He is extremely kind and caring. Once upon a time, he was master of the show, until Pan snapped, and Pan isn't giving the title up again. Peter was once a brilliant healer and basic therapist to his pack. He manages to step in every once in a while, randomly, the brute will help someone out. Just for funsies it might appear. Then again, Pan will break your leg just for Peter to apologize profusely and try to fix it.
Breed: Iberian X Arctic
History (optional): Pan was raised the right way. His background is not corrupted. His parents tried their best to do right by him. But, at some point, he decided he didn't want to be part of their life anymore. He didn't want to grow up as an heir. He didn't want the rules or the responsibility. He has never experienced falling in love, and thus has never experience heartbreak. When he left his pack, he never looked back. He's always had a screw loose though. Even hated his given name, Peter. It sounded too, sophisticated. Often when he was a pup his parents would discover remains of beheaded animals, discarded and wasted, hanging from odd places like trees or cliffs. As if on display.
OOC: Pompeii

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