Dear Democrats. A real DEMOCRAT cares about Climate Change. Stop Blaming Trump.

Here is the joke and hypocrisy as fact. what is a real democrat?
Since I voted for Hanna, I now can give her advice. As a Democratic Liberal, I hope you and your family, sells that three ton, expensive to repair, pearl painted,
( pearl paint comes from Natural gas and requires twice the normal chemistry and paint and time in the paint booth heated with NG ) ) fully loaded, with toxic electronics,
( magnets, neodymium, dysposium, etc, mined REEs from China, Rare Earth Elements, that produce radioactive residue 10 times worse than Fracking, big expensive tires,( where does the wear and tear of this big tire go when it wears off the tire? into the LAKE. Saame with the big brakes that wear off the pads. Swim in this. And the big exhaust system, etc, fake chrome exhaust tips that are for looks only, yet pollutes the world for a aluminum parts that is not even needed for the function of the vehicle.
This vehicle puts out approx 500 grams of CO2 per mile. why not buy a car that puts out 200 G/pm since my PARTY has been #####ing about how the republicans are the big polluters? What about the children we care so much about? Or are we this myopic? And their future with Climate change/ But lets blame Exxon for this purchasing decision? We thought all us democrats cared for the earth. If you drive a super big vehicle like this that will kill me in a crash, dont hate Trump for pulling us out of Paris.

Hope to see a for sale sign on that beast to be a real solid liberal and to show that women really do care. And that they are better then us men. Ha Ha..

I know it is none of my business. But I am a voter, so it is. But that's what the First amendment is for. To Start a conversation about OUR OWN PARTY before the 2018 Congressional cycle.

But she could pay more in local property taxes for a NEW highway Building for our " hard working families " ( from the democratic party ads to us voters ) without effecting her life style at all. Transportation is transportation. Do it in a smaller less polluting, less status seeking vehicle. Please dont use the excuse that we have children and need a bigger vehicle. Obama said we should SACRIFICE. My father killed people in WW2. If his 6 children, and two foreign exchange students can drive around in a non, fully loaded small vehicle than my party members can too. If not we as a party should stop blaming Trump and Exxon...Sue me. Call Joe Knows.

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