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It's Like There's Cancer In My Blood, It's Like There's Water In My Lungs

 photo PicsArt_10-25-10.24.22_zpswotyxank.jpg

It's Like There's Fire In My Skin, & I'm Drowning From Within

Name: Ky

Age: Pup

Gender: Male

Parents: Grey Wind & Macaria

Siblings: Evandros, Missandei, & -

Significant other: Too young

Pups: Too young

Best friend: None

Enemy: None

Rank: Uyaraut child

Species: Gray x Timber

Description: So the male is healthy. He is fully black but he has a light grey agouti undercoat. His eyes are a vibrant yellow color with an orange rim.

Special Effects/Mutations: None

Special Marks/Scars: None

Personality: Ky is a deep thinker, he is level headed and quite open minded with and even temper. However, do not cross him when he is protecting what's his. He will be both a lover and a fighter, constantly searching for something to love. His thoughts however can put him in a bad mood entirely - He will literally think himself into a bad mood. If he becomes attached, he will only want that select being.

Biography: To be written.

Favorite Food: To be discovered

Favorite Plant: To be discovered

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert

Bond: Those as in thought as he

Flaw: A little too thoughtful and clingy.

OOC: Metalhead

RP/Plot Availability: Everything ~

Human Twin:

I Can't Take Another Breath, Please Tell Me I Am Not Undone

.Ky . Grey Wind x Macaria . Uyarunt . Pup . Heirs . Blood for Blood . Metalhead.

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