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You Won't See Me Die Here

 photo PicsArt_11-09-06.51.18_zpsxqqpiiii.jpg

Do You Hear Me Now?

Original Name:Koriand'r



Parents:Both were royalty, they perished in an attack on her kingdom.

Siblings:Her sister;Blackfire

Significant other:Robin, He found beauty in her even as a prisoner of war. Together, they fled to Blossom in search of a new life.

Pups:None yet.

Best friend:None

Enemy:Those who stood against her being with Robin and murdered her parents.

Rank:None yet, though she will forever be a princess in her eyes.

Species:Maned wolf

Description: Starfire is quite remarkable, she is the normal tall, lean and long legged maned wolf with deep yet brilliant auburn red fur - But nothing unnatural. She has a star placed on her forehead, a blaze on her chest. Her eyes are a bright green.

Special Effects/Mutations:None

Special Marks/Scars:None

Personality:Starfire is very curious about everything. She is from a very distant land - So being viewed and viewing herself as an alien is just how she sees herself. She speaks broken english,but is very open to learning and very in tune with others. She loves to learn more information and study others behaviors. Her temper, though it can take little to set her off, will blaze hotter than a thousand suns.

Biography:Starfire was raised to be the next to hold the throne. Overnight her world was turned upside down - Her parents were killed, her sister separated from her and she was taken as as prisoner of war for the attackers royal family. From there - She began to get feelings for the prince - Robin. The two fell in love, and when he demanded to wed her, his parents would not have it. Romors of Starfires sister- Blackfire, grew. She was angry, and she herself wanted to be wed first. Blackfire was set on killing her sister, posing a danger. So they fled together to Blossom.

Favorite Food: Berries of all kinds.

Favorite Plant: Catnip.


Bond:She bonds with those she can feel a connection with and those she can study from.

Flaw: When she gets angry, there is no cooling her flame - Only adding to the fire.

OOC: Metalhead

RP/Plot Availability: She's always up for new threads and meeting new people!

Human Twin:Sophie Turner

Screaming At The Top Of My Lungs All Night

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