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i can be your hero baby

Name ;; Robin

Age ;; Adult

Gender ;; Male

Appearance ;; Robin is a cinnamon coloured kalak with long legs. His black stockings on his legs are speckled with whites, however the color is faded. This is caused because he is a leucistic kalak He has soft green eyes that seem to have gentle white speckles in them.

Personality ;; Robin is heroic and loves to follow his heart. He is rather protective over his companions and never lets them get hurt. He would rather die than let his friends or loved one get hurt. He believes he is on a path towards happiness. Once he finds love, he never lets go. He believes that there isn't only one wolf out there for a soulmate.

Mate ;; Robin has found his beloved Starfire and has run to blossom to be with her.

Ooc ;; Delaria

History ;; Robin was a prince of a pack from a far away kingdom. When he was brought a prisoner of war, he fell in love with her, Starfire. However, his parents and family did not approve of his love and forbid him from being wed. Starfire' sister, Blackfire, also didn't approve and was set on killing her sister. He and Starfire fled so they could be together and start a new life, safely.

robin .. hero .. no home .. heart belongs to starfire .. child of delaria


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