A Chairde,
Thanks for all the feedback on last night's paper.Always makes setting feel more worthwhile when you get to know what people thought of it. Obviously positive reviews are nicer to read but (constructive) criticism is perhaps more helpful in the long run.

Sadly both James and FS Fitzgerald are right: to play in Withquiz is all too often to sit there and "be borne back ceaselessly into the past". I am, like many of us setters, what the Romans called an "odiosis annorum crepitu" ie as boring an old fart as you ever heard while spending a denarius in a vespasianus on the way to the forum. Mea maxima culpa.

I knew this even before James reminded me. In a Facebook conversation at the weekend with Abbey, my 21 year old daughter, I chided her for not having the feisty courage of her good friend Ruth who made her Withquiz debut last week. Her answer? "Drop the Bob Dylan and the Van Morrison stuff and I'll think about it". Hoist by the fruit of my own loins, it would appear.

I'll do my best to improve.....but sadly no promises.

BTW I was greatly relieved to hear that Ivor failed to capitalise on the Stolen from Ivor question. I have to shamefully admit that I allowed my Irish bias to get the better of me and I inserted this question especially for yon man himself. Poetic justice then that Ivor obviously leaves it to his nearest and dearest to shop for his extensive wardrobe of 2. 37p jeans.


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