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Where's all those puppy lovers at?!

SO, Del, Libs and I each have one pup from our existing litters that need players. Their stats are below and you can pm me on Discord for a faster reply on claiming or more info or you can reply down here - First to claim is first to get, if I get a pm for claiming I will post under this which have been claimed and by who! <3 <3 <3

Artemis x Justice
Male One: healthy. Takes after his father shapewise - tall with lean muscle, an athletic Prince Charming type who is neither too bulky nor too slender . . . definitely a heart-throb when he reaches adulthood. His father's earthen canvas has been mottled by his mother's winter white, giving him a merle appearance. A band of pure white starts at his jaw and extends all the way down his underbelly. He possesses his father's striking amber eyes - like sunlight glowing through honey.

Jack Skellington x Onai
Pup three. Male. Unhealthy. Deaf. Another compact ivory boy like his brother, who will grow up to be equally strong and snow-loving. Black masks to lower half of his face, white only on the tip of his muzzle and on his jowls in a rough "teeth" pattern. Two large black spots sit above his eyes, like the empty eye sockets of a skull. His forelegs and shoulders are completely onyx, and this ink spills down his back until fading down the base of his tail.
His eyes are bright yellow with flecks of orange.


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